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Latest Update

We are looking forward to seeing all our returning guests this year and meeting our new guests of Bonanza King. The Coffee Creek Store will be opening this May and will be stocked for your vacation needs. Again the wonderful restaurant “Trail Head Pizza” will be open with great food and live music. The Trinity Center General Store is also open and fully stocked with a 24 hour fuel station.


Having a Wedding? We offer a beautiful venue for your wedding and reception!

Welcome to the Trinity Alps

Established in 1955, Bonanza King Resort is a 10 acre vacation paradise located along Coffee Creek in Trinity Country and positioned in over 525,000 acres of pristine wilderness in Northern California, an area rich in gold mining history. A year-round river filled with brown and rainbow trout, excellent for fly fishing and gold panning runs alongs it’s bank.

Each beautifully maintained, private rental cabin is nestled among the tall trees along the banks of Coffee Creek and include a fully equipped kitchen with all linens. Beautiful Trinity Lake is near by and is great for bass fishing and waterskiing as well as many historical towns such as Lewiston, Shasta, Weaverville and Etna. You can also enjoy access to great hiking trails through the backcountry with over 60 alpine lakes.

We are a green, eco-friendly resort and for your health and safety Bonanza King Resort is completely a non smoking property. We look forward to you becoming part of the Bonanza King Family!